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Club Organization - Plans for 2022

Hello fellow WBC riders,

It is time to get organized for the 2022 riding season! You may have heard from whispering fellow riders that there are changes ahead. It has been a tough couple of years but it's time to move forward!

The Westerville Bicycle Club has always been a community hub for Cyclists that just want to Ride!. The club will continue to thrive. We will continue to gather with our friends for rides which for so many of us have become an important part of our mental and physical health.

Over the last year, your leadership team has been having discussions on how to best support the membership in this endeavor. Some of the challenges revolve around availability of people and time to manage our current tech systems, processes, plans. At the same time we need to simplify processes, structures, and tools with the goal of creating a more seamless collaborative cycling community. As a club we need to continually evolve, find better communication tools, and make it easier to for the membership to stay involved. 

I feel strongly that many of the tools that will best serve the WBC are already in our tool chest and it is time to make a change. 

  • The WBC public Facebook group already has >1100 members and is used to share valuable information. Facebook allows for event scheduling (our rides etc) and is a communication tool that almost everyone already knows how to use. We will be creating e a private sub group on our Facebook page for WBC core members. This is a vehicle that will be used for peer to peer and peer to club communication. Flexibility to schedule rides or announce impromptu rides for today or tomorrow.
  • RideWithGPS Club account. In addition to offering free RideWithGPS access to our WBC members, this tool now gives us the flexibility to formally track members, create a ride calendar for the entire year and send emails to our club.
  • Decommission our WBC Website. With Facebook and RideWithGPS handling the daily club tasks, we will no longer need the limited functions we were using on our website. This will simplify processes and eliminate one of the most onerous tasks we as a club have had to deal with.
  • Many of the core team that have offered their time year after year will still help out within the new structure. Rides will be scheduled and collaboration encouraged. We are hopeful that the new structure will make it much easier to build our community and only have to worry about the ride. 

Now the big news! 

With these changes the Membership fee for 2022 will be $0. That's right... Free!  With this simplified structure and access to free tools, we plan to run the club with volunteers only. No cash. This is also an opportunity for you to lend a few hours to the cause. Whether it be organizing some rides, providing and publishing new routes, or electronically approving new member requests etc. We will still need your help. 

Over the next month, we will be sending out communications from the RideWithGPS member site detailing how to get signed up to use the new/old ride tool set. 

Jon Hayes

Westerville Bicycle Club


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