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The Westerville Bicycle Club was formed in 1981 by 6 residents of Westerville.  Here is an article written by our first club president:

The WBC...How It Happened                     

by Brenda Kreutz
Reprinted from the April 1992 Pedal Pusher

When Gary and I moved to Westerville in 1977, we were already active
bicyclists.  We started riding here with the Columbus AYH.  Gary also found out about the Westerville Bicycle Commission which was set up as an advisory committee to the Westerville City Council.  He volunteered both of us and we met with the other committee members to try to encourage bicycling in Westerville.  This was in 1980-81.
Members of the committee were John & Mary Beth Lohse, Jean Champoux, Russ Roeder, Gary and myself.

This was the Kreutz's first experience with city government and we found it most frustrating.  One of the things city council was debating was the possible use of the Conrail right-of-way as a bikepath.  That was more than 10 years ago and they are still just talking about it!  This did get discouraging.  I think that the only positive thing the committee
accomplished was in fighting the proposed establishment of a bikeway on Main Street.  They were going to allow bicycles to travel in both directions on one side of Main St. In this one area we did succeed in convincing City Council that they would be asking for an accident.
Anyway, by the summer of 1981 we had gotten completely discouraged. I suggested at one of our meetings that we should start a Westerville Bicycle Club so we didn't have to drive all over town to ride with AYH and to get a more cohesive group.  Since it was my idea, I got appointed President.  Also as there had been money donated to the City Commission and we didn't know what to do with it, we took it with us into the WBC.  I think it was about $500.  That was certainly a help in getting started.

We had an organizational meeting and Jim & Sue Smith came.  I think that they were acquainted with Russ Roeder and heard about the club from him.  So eight people originally set up the club.  We ran some notices in the Public Opinion and had about 14 or 15 people come out to the first meeting at the State Savings building.  We had some good luck there...Scott Mason volunteered to do publicity and a Newsletter - he did a great job!  It has always been the Newsletter that has kept us together and it is a tough job.

The WBC grew quite rapidly.  I was surprised when I looked over some old minutes to see that we had a DRY RUN the first year, in the fall of 1982.  Jim Smith organized that and we had 201 riders - not bad for a first try!

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